Growth drivers: Changing consumer behaviors, technological advancements, emerging markets, and digital transformation.

Opportunities: Omni channel retailing, direct-to-consumer models, and leveraging big data and analytics for personalized marketing.

Real Estate

Growth drivers: Urbanization trends, increasing global population, infrastructure development, and favorable government policies.

Opportunities: Sustainable housing solutions, real estate technology innovations, property management services, and investment in emerging markets.

High-Tech Startups

Growth drivers: Rapid technological advancements, increasing venture capital investments, global digitalization, and consumer demand for innovative solutions.

Opportunities: Artificial intelligence applications, blockchain integration, augmented and virtual reality platforms, and niche market targeting through specialized tech solutions.

Fund Diversification

  • Core Objective

    Our primary mission is to offer shareholders optimal short to medium-term capital growth, achieved through a balanced mix of debt and equity investments.
  • Strategic Sub-Funds

    The fund is structured with multiple sub-funds, each focusing on distinct strategies such as Trade Finance, Real Estate, Fixed Income, and Renewable Energy.
  • Sectoral Spread

    While we heavily invest into Retail and Transmission, we ensure a broad sectoral diversification via investments in Entertainment, Banking, and Real Estate.
  • Stable Revenue Generators

    Our moderate exposure to Entertainment, Banking, and Real Estate sectors has historically yielded stable revenue streams, reinforcing our diversified approach.
  • Opportunistic Investments

    To further boost returns, the fund actively explores avenues in Precious Metals, Commodities, and other Alternative Investments.

Investment Strategy

Diverse Investment Channels

The fund strategically allocates capital across both listed and unlisted sectors via debt and equity instruments.

Distressed Assets Revitalization

We actively invest in distressed corporate debt/equity, aiming to maximize returns through comprehensive debt restructuring and asset revitalization.

Holistic Real Estate Portfolio

Our investments span a broad spectrum of real estate categories, encompassing commercial, residential, retail, and even niche sectors like lodging and leisure.

Broad Market Engagement

The fund engages in both market and off-market instruments, ensuring a diversified and opportunistic approach to asset acquisition.

Unbounded Flexibility

Upholding a dynamic investment policy, we empower our investment manager with the freedom to explore any market, strategy, or investment avenue without constraints.

Fact Sheet

  • Banker: MauBank Holdings Ltd
  • Administrator: ONS FinServ Ltd.
  • Auditors: Moore Professional Services Ltd.
  • Legal Counsel: Hampsons Corporate Limited
  • Regulator: Cayman Island Monetary Authority (CIMA)
  • Sub-Funds: Acintyo Global SP, Alpha Investments SP, Reorient Investments SP
  • Outlook: Global